NEW PATTERN: Fioritura Shawl

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Are you managing to find balance this holiday season?  As the weather (at least here in NYC) gets colder, the skies get grayer, life becomes busier.  Work, and the holidays and the crowds!  Oy vey!

Is your crafting helping you cope or adding to your gift-giving stress?  What kind of projects do you have on your needles?

Well, I’ve just released a pattern that will make you want to drop your gift projects and cast on a bit of selfish knitting in your favorite yarn.  It’s the perfect feminine one-skein-wonder project.


In times like these and a city like this, it can be easy to lose ones tie to the rest of the world. Many of us are drawn to nature for inspiration. The life energy created by the plants blooming and abundant beauty can recharge the soul. Fioritura is a small shawl which captures that treasured connection of life energy through a variety of floral textures and webby lace. Choose an up-to-date neon pastel color to add a bit of pop to your wardrobe, or choose a more classic shade for versatility.  Or, dare I suggest, speckles?


I love wearing this boomerang shawl because it is the perfect accessory for autumn and spring, just enough coverage to keep the chill off your neck and shoulders. It also doubles as a great layering piece for the winter and can provide the perfect pop of color around your neck.

Fioritura on Ravelry

Fioritura on Craftsy

RainCityKnits Yarn 

Yarn Over New York Yarn

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