NEW PATTERNS and more…

Thank You

Many of you know me as a knit and crochet designer and an occasional dyer.  You may have noticed that in the past few months, I’ve stepped up the dyeing a notch.  I’ve opened an etsy shop, gotten my yarns in a few local yarn stores and had a little booth at Rhinebeck.  I’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in a very short amount of time and I am eternally grateful to all those who have helped and encouraged me along the way.

Kelsey, Glenda, Bernadette, Nicole, Tom, Evan, Mom, Claudette, Sarah, Rachel, Alex, Naomi, Michelle, Susie, Riki, Joe, Andrea and I’m sure there are move I’m forgetting. Thank you.  Thank you for your part in my journey.

Rhinebeck – NY Sheep and Wool Festival

I was lucky enough to score a small little corner for me and my yarn at this tremendous event.  My mom and I drove up with a few suitcases of yarn and hopes to have a good time.  Well, we sure did have a good time.  A great time, in fact. We met a bunch of lovely people.  We sold a bunch of yarn.  And we learned some very valuable lessons.  All in all, a great success.



Look who stopped by: Leslie Balanay of LB Art Yarn and Jacie Hayek-Frausto of KnitMona. Both ladies are incredible dyers.  Please do check out their shops.

New Patterns

I’ve got a double treat for you, my readers.  Two patterns.  Woo-hoo!

Graceland Shawl

This summer, Tiffany from Desert Bloom Yarns contacted me about a collaboration.  She suggested that I use her Grace Fingering yarn.  I chose her Blue Bonnet Lupine color an suggested she create a gradient set that I could use for a shawl.


Pretty, right?

Months of writing, knitting, testing and editing later, we have the gorgeous Graceland Shawl.


I chose the different stitch patterns to mimic the images and textures I saw during my visit to Elvis’s magnificent estate.


Graceland Shawl on Ravelry and Craftsy.

To celebrate the release of this pattern, use the code “GRACE2” on ravelry to save $2 until Oct 25, 2016.

YARN DEAL ALERT: Get your own gradient set from Grace Fingering yarn from Desert Bloom Yarns in a stunning blue gradient set. Save 20% on the yarn using the code “GRACELANDSHAWL” at Desert Bloom Yarns.


“BGE” is the nickname I had for my Grandmother (Best Grandmother Ever) when I was a kid. Her favorite color has always been periwinkle. So when I see that color, I immediately think of her warmth and love. She has a condo at the beach and the entire neighborhood is adorned with beautiful hydrangea bushes. I have always adored the gorgeous array of colors displayed in these joyous blooms.

Featuring my “Hydrangea” colorway on a delicate single-ply worsted weight yarn, this hat is a quick and easy knit that makes a perfect gift. Perhaps for your own dear grandmother.

Subscribers to my mailing list can get this adorable (and easy) knitting pattern for FREE!   Sign up here to get your FREE copy today.

BGE Hat on Ravelry and Craftsy.

Get the yarn at Yarn Over New York on etsy.

Yarn News

yarn over new york

In case you missed the news, I’ve got an etsy shop.  Please go take a look.  I’ve got sock blanks and a bunch of yarn.  Look.  Favorite some stuff.  Drop me a line with your ideas.  Buy some stuff if you feel so inclined.  It’s very soft.  I promise.

Day Job

I will be in China with Shen Wei Dance Arts for most of November.  This means that I’ll be pretty much out of communication during that time.  No facebook, instagram.  Probably no ravelry.  I’ll also temporarily close my etsy shop at that time.

I will have my yarns available at Annie and Company, Woolyn and possibly one other LYS in NYC.  And I’ll get things up and running again online just in time for the Indie Design Gift-a-long!



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