NEW PATTERN: Giger Socks and Giveaway

I’d like to get to know my followers a little bit better, so I’ll be asking some questions in the blog post.  Answer in the comments and be eligible to win a FREE copy of this pattern! See details at the end of this post.

Introducing Giger Socks!  My latest footwear design.


Do you scroll through pictures of yarn on Instagram, Pinterest and Ravelry?  Is it eye candy? Yarn porn?  Whatever you call it.

I remember when I first caught of a glimpse of Witch Candy Yarns‘s Oil Slick colorway.  It was dark but COLORFUL.  How does she create the sheen of oil’s surface in yarn?  It’s almost fractal.


copyright Witch Candy Yarns

The feeling I get from looking at the beauty of Oil Slick is the same feeling I get staring into the intricate artwork of HR Giger.  His use of repetitive lines and arches evoke a similar feeling of depth and power.



I drew upon the images Li and Li II to create the lacework and slipped stitch patterning in my Giger Socks.  I hope the knitter and the wearer alike can enjoy the complex stitchwork that creates a unique and layered design across the foot.  Isn’t Oil Slick (in a sparkle base) the perfect yarn to showcase this pattern?


Now you!  What artist inspires you?  Share your stories and your pictures in the comments!


What artist do you want to see me draw from?  I can design a pattern or a colorway.  Give me your suggestions.  Please!

Like I said, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner (on Tuesday) and one lucky follower will get the pattern for FREE!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Beverly, email me at yarnovernewyork at gmail dot com to claim your prize!!

If you can’t wait, the pattern is available here on Ravelry and here on Craftsy.



47 thoughts on “NEW PATTERN: Giger Socks and Giveaway

  1. Renoir’s colors are bold and amazing! And I love my #oilslick socks, but a used a vanilla pattern. I have been admiring these socks as you’ve been knitting them.


  2. I love the complex pattern with the wonderful yarn. My colors! After 2 years of searching and a lifetime of learning and practicing I’m almost ready to step forward with my dreams. We close on our farm at the end of the month, and will have our alpacas with us in Spring–as soon as we get fences fortified and the barn prepped. My dream is to live with these wonderful animals (and others, I’m sure), open a small store and sell fiber based items on line and at home.


    1. Kathy, hello. I am stunned by your answer. I can’t believe you’ll have an alpaca farm. You put a huge smile on my face. I hope one day I can meet your alpacas (and you)! Thank you for your kind words about my design.


    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. Escher would be amazing (and possibly madness inducing) to knit. Klimt would be fun to dye on sparkle yarn, perhaps. You’ve got me brainstorming.


      1. Gorgeous socks! Becoming Art create some similar colorful yarns, that just seem to glow! One of my favorite artists is Georgia O’Keeffe! Some beautiful flowers, and interesting southwest landscapes.


      2. Hi Beverly. Thanks for saying hello. I LOVE your suggestion. Georgia O’Keeffe is a long time favorite of mine. I was lucky enough to visit Ghost Ranch this year! What is your favorite O’Keeffe painting?


      3. Beverly! congrats you are the winner of my Giger Socks pattern. Please email me at yarnovernewyork at gmail dot com to claim your prize!


  3. I love Van Gogh. The Starry night is a favorite both in colors and picture. Green Wheat Field with Cypress or View of Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer would also be great!


    1. These are totally good suggestions. I totally want to do a starry night colorway. I’ve really got to be creative to think of how to do a pattern that would evoke the painting too…


    2. It’s impossible to isolate her work to one painting. She produced many beauties. I had the pleasure of seeing some of Georgia’s beautiful, and large, works. I was the lady walking through the National Gallery of Art, in Wash., DC, barefoot and carrying my shoes because my feel hurt! It’s a tradition in our house, for my husband to buy me a new Georgia O’Keeffe calendar, at Christmas, so I can enjoy representations of her paintings, all year long.


      1. That is a sweet gift idea. You are right, her scope of work is amazing. I can pick a favorite though (at least a right now favorite). Her “Sky above Clouds IV”. It looks like you could skip across the clouds, which is a feeling I get when I look out a plane window. It makes me smile.


  4. I also think Van Gogh socks would be awesome. You did a fabulous job on the Giger socks. I LOVE them – the design and the yarn. They are wonderful.


    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. Monet is a good idea. A pattern that can blend variegated yarn to look impressionistic. It certainly could work. Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion.


  5. Hi! I’ve enjoyed following you on Instagram. I love colors, am always inspired by nature, and often recharge by walking through the woods. There ate so many color palettes that call to me, beaches, woods, flower gardens, rocks, the night sky, I really couldn’t choose just one. But I’m sure I will enjoy watching the different things you come up with. Enjoy yourself!!


    1. Hi Andrea. I’m so happy to came over here to say hi. I too am inspired by the colors in nature. Especially the bright colors of changing leaves and anything to do with water.


  6. Hi Jessie, I LOVE your patterns! I am still trying to find the perfect yarn for your 5th Floor Walk-up pattern. I love Monet and the subtle color shading that make up the paintings. But I also like how you use bold colors too. How about Jackson Pollack?


    1. Hi Peggy! Welcome to my blog. I hope you find a great yarn for the poncho. Monet’s colors would be lovely for that. Jackson Pollack would be a fun (and messy) yarn colorway. I’d better lay down a tarp if I try to dye that. I guess for a design an asymmetrical shawl with lots of texture could work. What do you think?


    1. Hi Vicki! Thanks for saying hi. I’m not familiar with Durer. I’ll have to look him up. Any particular work I should look at?


    1. Hi! Thank you for commenting. I love hearing from new readers. Mucha I know but Erte, I don’t. I will have to do some research. Any particular piece I should look at?


  7. I really like the romantic art style of john william waterhouse. The beautiful sirens and knights. A lot of his paintings are inspired by stories like Echo and Narcissus, Ophelia, Apollo and Daphne. Such lovely stories with lovely paintings to go with them.


  8. Morning fog inspires me. The wonderful marine layer that burns off by 9 or so. The sound of the water hitting the shore. The smell of the beach. I think I need a vacation!


  9. I love almost all things that are inspired by nature. I would love to see socks inspired by the Sassafras tree. It’s gnarled and antique-y and oh so lovely! Thank you for a new giveaway!


    1. Cassie, you’re welcome. And thank you for stopping by. Trees are a great idea. I think I could do a sassafras tree design with some fun cabling!


  10. Hi Jessie! I’m Nancy from deep south Texas. I follow you on Instagram and Ravelry. This is a lovely pattern.

    Thank you.

    rav id: lajoyagirl


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