NEW PATTERN and YARN REVIEW: Fawkes’s Tail Scarf and Tink Sparkle Sock

Earlier this year, the lovely ladies at Tink Yarn, sent me some gorgeous yarn to design some fun knitwear.  As soon as I saw this stunning orange sparkle base sock yarn, I knew it was too pretty to be hidden inside shoes.  It begged to be worn around the neck for all the world to see.


I set out to design a One Skein Wonder to feature this beautiful yarn and, let me tell you, it was simply a joy!  The color (Canyonland) is stunning.  What a perfect orange! And the yarn has a lovely bounce to it.  I am in love and will definitely be using some more Tink Yarns in the future.  And so should you!  Check out the end of this blog post for an exciting offer from Tink!

Now, about the design.  I knew that I wanted a scarf.  I also knew that I didn’t want it to simply be a rectangle.  I drew inspiration from Maylin Tri’Coterie’s Wingspan.  I want to build a scarf using a similar shaping with short rows and create a lacey feather shape to create a beautiful Phoenix tail design. Fawkes’s Tail Scarf


The resulting scarf is a truly wearable piece that works up quickly and is easily customizable to any yarn at any yardage.


I drew inspiration from the Harry Potter series (again) for the name.  Fawkes is the loyal Phoenix companion to Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series. His tail has magical strength to withstand great pressure. He lends his feathers to serve as cores for the wands used by witches and wizards.

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry and here on Craftsy.


I am certain you will feel a bit of magical strength when you wrap this fanciful scarf around you neck. It is worked in easy garter short rows and a simple lace pattern. Although this pattern is suitable for any fingering or sock yarn, I am sure you’ll want to choose one with a bit of sparkle.  And…

To make that happen, the generous folks at Tink Yarn are offering a limited time discount on any of their luxurious yarns.  Through July 31, 2016, visit and use the code: TINKLOVE to save 15%  (Wow!)

Happy Knitting.  Please visit Yarn Over New York on Ravelry to share your pictures and see what awesome projects other knitters are creating.



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