TWO NEW PATTERNS: Baburuti and Ginger Honey Lemon Socks

All across the globe, people are drinking tea.  This ubiquitous beverage has the power to unite people, the energy to ignite a tired mind, and the moisture to nourish the body.  Tea comes in so many varieties and everyone has their favorite way to enjoy.

I’ve designed a couple of sock patterns inspired by tea and its qualities.


The first that I present to you is called “Ginger Honey Lemon.”  When I am sick or even just overworked, I love to brew up a quick mug of this tea.  Technically, its not made from tea leaves or flowers, its just ginger and honey and lemon.  Those 3 magical ingredients can tame an upset stomach, soothe a sore throat and ease an aching body.


My Ginger Honey Lemon Socks use cozy cables and the lush star stitch to mimic the knobbly appearance of ginger root.  Additionally the stitch patterning creates a toasty warm pair of socks that cradle your feet in knitted goodness.


If you prefer your tea iced and more refreshing, perhaps Bubble Tea is more your style.  This drink, popular in Asia, is a sweet tea with “pearls” or “bubbles” mixed in.  To drink this tea, you use a big fat straw to make sure each sip contains both liquid and solid.

My Baburuti Socks use a simple twisted stitch pattern to recreate the look of the bubbles.


Both socks are worked cuff-down and the patterns will guide you with special tips and tricks to create a perfect fitting sock.  I love to carry the foot patterning on to the toes of my socks, so both designs will transition smoothly across the entire length.

For a limited time only, all my sock patterns are Buy One, Get One FREE.  Use the coupon code “TwoForTea” on ravelry to stock your pattern pantry.

Buy Ginger Honey Lemon on Ravelry and Craftsy.

Buy Baburuti Socks on Ravelry and Craftsy.

See my other sock patterns on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting!



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