NEW PATTERN: Nagini’s Scales Socks

Balancing life as a knitwear designer and as freelance stage manager while splitting my time between opposite ends of the continent is hard.  I sure could use a little magic to make it all happen.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to spells and potions to stretch time or do my chores. So I settle for the magic of knitting a well-fitting, fun pair of socks.  I recently joined forces with the magical Witch Candy Yarns.  She definitely has spells and potions at her disposal and uses them to cook up some gorgeous color combinations.  Check out her glorious sock yarn in the colorway “Bustin’ Outts Bushwick!”


Look at it caked up!  I am in love with the colors and the interplay of the black and white with tiny bursts of neon.  Insanely beautiful.  The base is bouncy and feels both durable and comfortable.


Having recently completed the entire Harry Potter series on audiobook and binge-watched the movies, I was feeling quite inspired to design new exciting Harry Potter designs.

Nagini is the beautiful villainous snake that follows Voldemort throughout the  series. I always pictured her shiny scales reflecting the moonlight as she slithers. I imagined the gorgeous optic colors of Witch Candy’s yarn working to create a snakeskin effect when knitted in a simple broken seed stitch.   The yarn and the pattern would fit together perfectly.


I am thrilled with the results.  I hope you are too.


Several of my testers learned how to knit socks toe-up with this pattern and tackled “two-at-a-time” on the magic loop.  If you are wanting to expand your sock-knitting skillset, this pattern is a perfect first step.

Now for a limited time (thru May 31, 2016) you can get the Nagini’s Scales Socks pattern 50% OFF in my Ravelry store. Just enter the code “NaginiMagic” at checkout.


Nagini’s Scales Socks Pattern is available on Ravelry and Craftsy.

The yarn is available here.

Happy Knitting!

BONUS: Sneak Peek

I’m designing another pair of socks with Witch Candy Yarn.  This pair will be inspired by the intricate artwork of H.R. Giger.  Yarn is “Oil Slick” on Sparkle Sock base.  Look at those sparkles and glorious colors.  Stay tuned for more.



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