NEW PATTERN and YARN REVIEW: Polyjuice Potion Hat and Tink Yarn SW Worsted

Tink Yarn, a Las Vegas based yarn company with a great sense of color, offered to provide yarn for me to use and review.  After brainstorming and testing, I designed a cute hat combining their Superwash Worsted yarn in a stunning chocolate colored solid with a crazy speckled yarn from the Yarns of Rhichard Devreize.   I think the yarns and the design work in harmony to create a truly wearable garment.


The Yarn: Tink Yarn SW Worsted


I’m a lady that enjoys a nice bouncy wool.  I want my yarn to hold its shape and create a great-fitting garment or accessory.  Tink Yarn’s Superwash Worsted does just this.  It feels nice and springy while knitting and the finished object holds up to wearing.  It is soft yet strong, which is exactly what I want.  I know that anything I knit with this yarn will withstand the test of time and look great for years.

And speaking of looking great.  Follow this link to see all their scrumptious colors.

The knitty-gritty details: Superwash Worsted weight 100% merino, plied, 199 meters / 100 grams

It’s great!  I definitely see a sweater quantity in my future stash!

BONUS: Through July 31, 2016, you can use the code “TINKLOVE” at to save 15%.

The Pattern: Polyjuice Potion

I recently listened to the entire Harry Potter series on audiobook.  For the first time.  Yes, I am lame for waiting so long.  However, I fell in love.  The imagery is amazing and inspirational.  I have a million pattern ideas incorporating the beasts, spells and characters from this awesome franchise.  This hat is the first in what will hopefully be an epic series of designs.


Harry Potter and his friends use a magical mixture called Polyjuice Potion to transfigure themselves into other people. I always imagine that the liquid is bubbling with its own energy.

Mix the stunning simplicity of horizontally striping garter stitch with the bold playfulness of 2-color brioche false cables to make a truly wearable hat. By pairing dynamic colors of yarn, both the cowl and hat have an interesting reversible fabric.

This design features the familiar backdrop of garter stripes paired with eye-catching brioche motifs. The faux cables are formed using increases and decreases and look interesting from both sides. The top and bottom of the hat have a rolled stockinette border for a clean reversible look.

I love how squishy my hat is with Tink’s yarn.  The garter and brioche stitch are a perfect match for its bouncy texture.

Find the pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy.




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