NEW PATTERN: Fifth Floor Walk Up Poncho

As a long-time resident of New York City, I have grown to love its quirks.  The brilliant mix of old and new makes the city one of the greatest in the world.  One particularly interesting feature of NYC is the number of buildings without elevators.  Buildings that would never be built today but survive in this populous area.  In fact, the best way to find lower-cost housing is to rent a fifth floor walk up apartment.


I live in one of these buildings, but thankfully, I live on the second floor.  Everyday, I see my neighbors hauling their groceries, laundry and even bicycles up our narrow stairway. This pattern is dedicated to them and all the other strong-legged New Yorkers that have to walk up all those stairs every day.


I have always loved ponchos, even when they weren’t particularly fashionable. They are pretty much like wearing a hug. When I set out to design this poncho, I wanted to make a garment that was suitable for layering, trendy and most of all, not like wearing a blanket! I hope you agree that this modular garter stitch top achieves all three goals. The length and style are practical for everyday wear and the fabric is thin enough to provide warmth without being stifling.

This pattern is based on a simple mitre square construction and is actually quite simple to knit.  Each tier is knit modularly on top of the previous one.  The rows get shorter as the poncho gets longer and the beautiful colors of the self-striping yarn create stunning visuals.  If you are one of the thousands of knitters addicted to knitting little squares for a Cozy Memory Blanket, this poncho is perfect for you.  Even a novice can knit this because it’s almost entirely knit stitch.  Just a few easy decreases and barely any purling!


I designed this pattern to showcase the beautiful self-striping yarns made by Noro and the sample shown here is knit using Kureyon Sock yarn.  The poncho would look equally amazing in their Silk Garden Sock or Taiyo Sock yarns.  You could also use Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball, Knit Picks Chroma or Crystal Palace Mini Mochi.


Get this gorgeous pattern for yourself in my Ravelry or Craftsy stores.  Pick out some fun colorful yarn and happy knitting!


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