Yarn Bombing 2

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this post is going to be amazing.  I’ve got so much fun stuff for you.  Photos of my yarn bombs (solo and collaborative), other people’s yarn bombs, links to a TED Talk about yarn bombing and much more.  If you like seeing yarn decorating everyday objects like poles and fences, this is the post for you.

First, if you haven’t read my first yarn bombing post, check it out here. It’s fun and colorful.

Now that you’ve read it, I bet you are thinking, “What happened with those paper white flowers?”


Pretty cool, eh?  The artist got crocheted flowers from all over the world!  To see more of her awesome work, go to Instagram and check out @naomirag.


Here’s one of her solo giant flowers that shares a fence with the paper whites.  I love it so much.  The detail is incredible.


I am so inspired by the art work of other fiber artists, that I am trying to slowly contribute to the squishy brightness of my own neighborhood.  After decorating a tree last year, I have started planning bigger and brighter works of yarn graffiti.

For Valentine’s Day, I made my Harlem Love Bomb to cover a smashed up street lamp pole.




Recently, while spending a day at Vancouver Science World, I found a fun display in the sustainability exhibit.


Some more cool links to check out:

Yarn Bomb TED Talk by Magda Sayeg

Grace Brett, the world’s oldest yarn bomber (she’s 104!)

London Kaye’s Times Square Ugly Sweater




8 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing 2

  1. Really cool, I just love your outsider art mentality and all that you’re creating. I have not seen any Yarn Bombing down here in the South (Houston) … but I think it’s all the craze in the colder areas, perhaps? Maybe I should learn to knit or crochet! lol.


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