NEW PATTERN: Ghost Ranch Cowl

Hello All!  I’ve got a fun new pattern for you. Ghost Ranch Cowl!


This design is inspired by my travels in the autumn of 2015. I first visited Santa Fe and fell in love with the Navajo woven fabric designs. The dramatic colors and simple motifs adorned rugs, pillows and clothing.


Then I traveled to San Francisco and had the absolute joy of visiting a yarn store called A Verb for Keeping Warm. The store carries its own line of yarn spun from the fleeces of local California sheep and dyed from plants grown in their garden. I chose 2 gorgeous colors of the Flock wool and paired them with a shiny silk/wool blend called Rumor. As you can see the results are amazing. This cowl features slipped stitches that slowly shift around the circumference creating a southwestern inspired pattern.


One of the challenges of designing knitwear is finding the proper balance between simplicity and interestingness.  A design can be gorgeous, but if it’s too hard to knit without frustration, that’s no good.  And if it’s too easy, then the knitter can get bored.  Ideally the finished product will be stunning and look harder to knit than it actually is.  I hope that I have achieved that with this cowl.  By working with slipped stitches, only one color is used in each row.  The result is an easy to follow pattern that looks great on both sides.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Pattern on Ravelry.

Pattern on Craftsy.



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