February Wrap Up

February, oh February, you were bonkers this year.  Weather- I can’t even.  Work- Fashion Week, oy! Travel to Long Island, MD, VA and CT! Crafting- busy, busy, busy.

And even the beginning of March has been a little busy with my return to Vancouver.  Phew!  At least I’ll be here for a while.

Finished Objects

This month I finished 6 items.  Two of them are secret because they’ve been accepted for 3rd party publication, so I can’t share them quite yet.

I also dyed a bunch of yarn!  So much that I’ll need to write a separate post.


Yarn from top left to right:

1- Overdyed some silk/llama yarn

2- One handpainted for swap with Jo, one mason jar dye and 2 overdyes on leftover yarn

3- Two overdyes and one handpainted.

I am loving the progress I am making with my dyeing.  Each time is a total learning experience.

Knitting and Crochet:

1- Harlem Love Bomb.  I used up 11 skeins of yarn to make this art.  I think that makes me almost as proud as the finished object.  I am in love with yarn bombing and I hope my neighbors appreciate the little bit of brightness I add to the street.  I will also need to write a separate blog post about this piece.

2- Hypernova Shawl– Inspired by other knitters on Ravelry, I decided to check out the Will Work for Yarn group.  I found a lady that wanted someone to knit this shawl and I knew I would love working on it.  So I signed up.  She sent me the zauberball lace to make the shawl and 2 more skeins of laceweight yarn as payment.  It took me nearly 3 months to finish this guy and by the end there were about 1200 sts per row (I added extra rows to make it bigger).  I am super happy and so is she.  It will be a while before I pick up another lace project, though.

3- Visual Interest Cowl– In January, I dyed this yarn and knew I needed to design a pattern that would showcase its busy colors.  By combining the “salt and pepper stitch” with some simple stockinette and a spiraling design, I think I succeeded.

4- Baburuti Socks–  Last year, I designed the Baburuti Hat.  At the time I had the idea to make a matching pair of socks.  You know, because it’s quite common to match your socks to your hat, right?

I plan to put out test calls for the cowl and the socks very soon.  So if you are interested, visit my ravelry group to sign up.

Published Patterns

Despite my epic lack of free time, I did manage to publish a couple of patterns.

1- Who Are You Socks– Based on the Caterpillar from the Alice in Wonderland franchise and designed to showcase self-striping yarn.


2- Bloomington Ear Warmer– Part of my $2 Stash-Buster collection.  It uses leftover sport weight yarn and is the perfect item to wear during the transition from winter to spring.


Works in Progress

1- Sock Yarn Blanket and Minis for Swapping- This still continues to be addictive.  I knit 40 squares for my blanket this month.  It is almost starting to look like a blanket.  It is still in 2 pieces because the “perfect” yarn to make the 4th green square is in Vancouver and the blanket is in NYC.


2- Ginger Honey Lemon Socks



I used a lot of yarn this month, but I also acquired more than a small amount.

1- My Instagram friend, Michelle, went to Stitches West and did some shopping for me!  She’s the best!


2 indigo dyed yarns from A Verb for Keeping Warm, In Yo Face by the The Flying Kettle and Toxic Sludge from Twisted Owl Fiber Studio.  Bonus: A Verb tote!

2- My Grandmother might spoil me a little bit and during my visit to her, we visited a store called Second Story Knits.  My favorite is a local dyer named Claudia.  Her sock weight is called Addiction.  Fitting.


Phew!  What a busy month!


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