NEW PATTERN: Bloomington Ear Warmer

This winter has been kind of crazy with huge weather fluctuations and has left us all in NYC begging for spring!   We’ve had snow, ice, rain, grey skies and, best of all, wind. So much wind.  We want sun!  We want flowers!


Well, if the weather refuses to cooperate, you can knit a little bit of beauty for yourself. This ear warmer/ headband is perfect for a winter that is struggling to become spring.  It’ll keep you warm and inspire a bit of cheer with its cute little blooms.  It uses about 100 yards of sport weight yarn and takes only a few hours to knit.

Shown in Socks that Rock yarn, color Pickle Family Circus

Enjoy wearing your Bloomington Ear Warmer as the weather (hopefully) starts to get a little nicer.

Shown in Socks that Rock yarn, color It’s All About the Bark

Pattern on Ravelry here.

Pattern on Craftsy here.

And don’t forget that all my $2 Stash-Buster patterns are Buy 2, Get 1 FREE on Ravelry!!


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