NEW PATTERN: Bourbon and Beads Hat


Are you like me?  Do you think a great “party” is a brightly colored ball of yarn and a delicious new pattern to cast on?


Mardi Gras is fast approaching.  While I love the idea of a giant party with flashing lights, shiny beads and awesome live music, I just don’t want to actually be there!  I’d rather be knitting!


While on tour last fall, I visited New Orleans and was lucky enough to find a great yarn store called The Quarter Stitch. Their assortment of gorgeous yarns and friendly staff inspired me to design this festive hat using their custom dyed yarn from Mountain Colors.


Doesn’t this hat make you want to party?  And by party, I mean knit.

Buy the pattern in my ravelry store or my craftsy store.

Buy the beautiful Mardi Gras yarn from The Quarter Stitch here.


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