Earlier this year, my man was on a walk through East Harlem and he found a beautiful crocheted purple flower sewn to a fence.  He sent me a picture and I knew I had to visit this yarn bomb site.


Scattered throughout the neighborhood, we found more flowers and a cool pole covering.



And, best of all, we saw the yarn bomber in action!


I was able to chat with her for a while and connect with her on Instagram (@naomirag).  She said that she would contact me to collaborate on future yarn bombing events.

She was true to her word and I was able to contribute a bunch of cherry blossoms for her Sakura Yarn Bomb.

Here I am knitting in front of the finished product.


Later in the year, she put out a call for another collaboration.  This one was to make paper-white flowers.  Here’s my contribution.  The installation is still underway, so I have no photo of the final product yet.


All this crocheting for Naomi’s street art inspired me to make something for my own street.  So I gathered up my scrap yarn and made a bunch of my own flowers and leaves and made a sleeve for a tree on my block.

I’m super happy with the finished results and I hope the neighborhood enjoys being a little more colorful this winter.

A weirdly warped panorama shot

I hope to decorate a few more trees when I get back to NYC later this year.


18 thoughts on “YARN BOMBING

  1. I love the fence work. I also love trees. Wrapping them in yarn cannot be good for them. Think rot, pests, fungi… Look around for poles and the like. Do your art. Brighten up the neighborhood, but please, leave the trees in peace.


  2. I’m yarn bombing in Cincinnati and when I travel and loving it! It’s usually well received and I’m making lots of friends too…. Believe it or not there is a well known yarn bomber out west who has worked extensively with the park boards in CA locally and studies show no damage is done to the trees. He is able to get permits to legally install his bombs in National Parks. He does massive work and goes by Yarnbomber on Instagram. I’ve found that some of mine have been removed quickly from trees because of the assumption that they do hurt the tree. But some have remained for 5+ months. You just never know… that’s why I always take pictures:)

    Great pics here. I also have pics of my own bombing on Instagram and at http://www.facebook.com/For-Lula-Girl-736776189729450/ Thanks for letting me share too!
    Looking forward to what you come up with next!!


    1. I checked and I think the man you’re talking about goes by YARNBOMBS on Instagram! I just wanted to list that correction so people could find him. How cool that you are yarn bombing … seems like so much fun, and is so beautiful.


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