We all knit for the ones we love.  Often, they request specific special items and we try our best to accommodate.  My boyfriend, Evan, has received quite a few lovely items from me.  Stuffed toys, hats, scarves, all made with love.  For his last birthday, he requested a sweater and due to the infamous sweater curse, I declined.  So then he asked for a pair of socks with belugas on them.


Belugas are his favorite animal.  I had already made him a stuffed amigurumi beluga, so I knew he would truly love these socks.


So I started the socks.  I love rainbows, so I wanted to use this lovely white yarn with flecks of color to remind him of me.


I made the first sock and much to my dismay, the whale part (done fair isle style with flecks of white yarn and a whale on each side of the leg) did not stretch enough to fit over his foot.  Why did I wait until I made the whole sock to have him try them on?  Good question.  Wasted time.  Had to rip the whole thing out and start over.


I’ll skip over the boring details and tell you that several months later (way after his birthday), I finished the redesigned socks.  With plain white yarn and a different colorwork technique.  The socks fit great, the whales look like whales and Evan is happy to show off his custom hand knit socks.


So, I proudly present to you my Whale in the Waves Sock Pattern.  Available on Ravelry and Craftsy.  Knit and enjoy.

For this weekend only, enjoy a 37% discount (in honor of my birthday) on Ravelry using the code “deepbluesea”


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