I don’t usually write extensive blog posts about my knitting.  (Though I used to write a lot about my travels).

I wanted to write a longer post about this particular pattern.  It has been over a year in the making and involves yarn from all over the world.


I first started this project after visiting my friend Sara in California.  She gave me a skein of awesome recycled sari silk yarn from Nepal.  She asked me to make her something and I made the following:




In the end I had a nice bit of leftover yarn, so I made myself a mesh yoga mat bag.

I used my roommate’s leftovers to make a strap.


The result was so-so.  I let it sit for ages.  Unhappy.

Then I had an inspiration to re-work the straps and add an awesome pocket!

I ripped out the old strap and used that yarn to make the Om pocket (perfect size for a smart phone or your keys) and used some orange cotton leftovers from Belgium to make sturdier/ better placed straps.


Screenshot 2015-07-17 13.24.41

If you’d like to crochet and knit (pattern calls for both) yourself a yoga mat bag, you can get the pattern here. (Yarn Over New York/ Jessie Ksanznak on ravelry.)

If you’d rather have me make one for you, I’ll gladly do so.  I’m planning to get my etsy site up again soon.  Until then, feel free to leave a comment on this blog or PM me on ravelry.


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