Swapping is for Knitters

Recently, in one of my Ravelry groups, we did a swap. Each knitter made 3 skinny scarves and sent 1 each to 3 different people. In turn, we each received 3 scarves. These skinny handknit wonders can be braided together and worn as a colorful cowl. 

Before I could even get started, I received this lovely orange scarf and tasty chocolates from my first partner. 


I knew I’d better get cracking, so I knit up these 3 using a merino/alpaca blend for the teal and a BFL for the mint. 


Unfortunately, before my next 2 scarves arrived, I had to leave NYC for a couple of months. Shortly thereafter, this cool variegated scarf and bonus silk scarf arrived. 

 Then a few weeks later, my final scarf arrived. It’s an awesome stitch pattern called brioche.  

My roommate is levying the chocolate as a tax for storing my scarves safely until my return. I can’t wait to braid them up and wear them all together. I think I might need to make myself a bright yellow one to tie everything together. 


4 thoughts on “Swapping is for Knitters

    1. Are you on ravelry? There are tons of swap groups there. I’m currently doing a crochet amigurumi swap with some friends and family too. Swaps are great.

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      1. Check out my group page there. I don’t have a crochet-along or crochet swap happening there currently but certainly will in the future. Yarn Over New York

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